www.seenearandfar.com - Multifocal Alcon Contacts Free Trial and Rebates

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www.seenearandfar.com - Multifocal Alcon Contacts Free Trial and Rebates

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Alcon Multifocal Contact Lenses Free Trial and Rebate offers

Alcon Multifocal Contact Lenses gives a free trial and a good money savings offer to the people suffering from presbyopia -a very common eye problem of the middle aged people when the lens of the eyes lose its elasticity and stiffen. This results in having trouble on focusing things up-close and you get blurry vision. The offer can be benefitted for both the new customers as well as the existing customers.

To receive the Free Trial from Alcon Multifocal Contact Lenses

If you like to take advantage of such a great offer for your eyes, join the EyeFile program and get your free trial certificate along with other money savings offers on contact lenses.

In order to get the free trial offer from Alcon you need to be an EyeFile member and for that, you will require two things:

  • A legal US residency
  • Minimum 14 years of age

Now if you are eligible and want to initiate the process, you can follow the guideline provided below:

  • Click on the blue “Get A Free Trial” button.
  • The new customers can either sign up with their social network (Facebook, Twitter or Google). No need to be worried; your social media account never will be posted by Alcon.
  • Sign up with your email by entering your name, creating your username and password.
  • Choose your preferred area of Alcon Contact Lenses.
  • Input your birthdate and zip code.
  • Click “Continue” to subscribe your Alcon EyeFile Account and grab the free trial offer.

The existing customers can log in their account by their email and password.

To receive the Rebate Offer from Alcon Multifocal Contact Lenses

To take the facility othe f rebate offer, you need to have a rebate code. To get the code, complete the following procedure.

If you have a rebate code, begin the process through the link “Start your rebate submission” provided on the page.

And if you have already submitted your rebate, click the “Check your rebate claim status” and enter your rebate reference and email to locate your rebate status information.

Alcon Multifocal Contact Lenses

The Alcon Multifocal Contact Lenses give the wearers comfort and all the distances- near, intermediate and distance- in one lens. Some available Alcon Multifocal Contact Lenses are:

Dailies Total 1 featuring Water Gradient Technology that gives you ‘wear-nothing’ feeling by locking the moisture.

Dailies AquaComfort Plus with daily disposable lens option and having blink activated moisture for all day comfort.

Air Optix Aqua featuring SmartShield Technology to prevent lens deposit and monthly replacement lenses.

Contact Information

For any question, call the Alcon Consumer Care Team at 800-757-9195 between 8 am to 5 pm CT Monday-Friday.

Mailing Address

6201 South Freeway

Fort Worth, TX 76134-2001

Ref Link: www.visioncare.alcon.com